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        *** IMPORTANT INFO ***

VHSL 2022/23 Season


Stepfield Snooker Club

Monday 3rd April 2023

Team KO / Pate Finals @ 8pm

Sunday 16th April 2023

Doubles Final @ 2pm

Singles Finals (Division 1 & 2) @ 6pm


MAY 8th Bank Holiday Matches

These fixtures are to be played as normal



Q Ball Sports Bar

Saturday 24th June 2023

7:30 pm start

At least 4 players from team required to attend
 for teams to receive points prize money


5th Vic Harris Memorial Trophy Competition

Congratulations to Winner Gary Widdecombe
beating Runner up Jamie Moore in the final

Click here for event photographs

As stated at the AGM the correct dress code MUST be followed

VHSL League shirt orders are still being taken by

Darren Rawbone

Tel: 07788 293606  

VHSL - Season 2022/23

A total of 15 teams have registered to play
in the VHSL 2022/23 season.
The league for this season consists of
 two divisions, with 6 teams in Divison 1
and 9 teams in Division 2

JP's Harlow   Q Ball 'A'
Stepfield   Springhouse
Becontree   R.U.S.S.C.
Starr   Basildon 'B'
Pockets 'B'   R.U.S.S.C2
Baize And Glory   Rayleigh Lanes
  Canvey Cons
    Q Ball 'S'

The Doubles competition will be kept as "Scotch Doubles" for the 2022/23 season.

        League Results Submission

All captains are required to ensure the Monday night match results
 are sent through to Gerry Barclay BEFORE 7:30pm  on the Tuesday.

 The results can be sent trough via text, whatsap, e-mail,
 facebook messenger or via the website results form.

 A confirmation reply will be sent when the match results
have been successfully received.  Most results are sent through
 as a picture of a teams completed score card.

Please ensure the results sent include the individual

 match scores and  ALL qualifying high-breaks

 made (breaks of 35 or more in Division 1, 30 or more

 in Division 2) for BOTH teams playing on the night.


This year failure to submit results by the required time will result in the following actions


 1st Offence 

 An official e-mail warning will he issued by the appropriate Division Secretary


2nd Offence

 A 6 point penalty deduction from the team


3rd Offence

A 9 point penalty deduction from the team


4th and subsequent offence

A 12 point penalty deduction from the team


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