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Vic Harris








Winner  :    Dean Galbally  (260)

Dean Galbally Presentation

James Baylis presenting Dean Galbally (right) with winners trophy



Runner up : Zak Surety(100)

Runner Up Presentaton

James Baylis presenting runner up plate to Zak Surety (right)



Losing Semi-finalists James Baylis & Darren Baines  (10)



Message from event organisers Colin and James Baylis


A big thank you to all of the 48 runners that turned up at

Rayleigh Lanes Snooker Club to enter the first annual

Vic Harris Memorial competition. It was a very long day for

both of us but it was well worth it and we are sure Vic Harris

will have been happy to see so many players turn up.


We would also like to thank the Rayleigh Lanes Snooker Club for

 providing and preparing the tables free of charge.

 Special thank yous to Jason, who worked hard to make sure the club was ready

 to hold this special competition, and to competition referee Sarah Horton.


What a semi-final and final we had.


 The first sem-final was between James Baylis and Zak Surety.

Unfortunately for James Zak had got into his stride and with breaks

 of 60 and 96 to come out 3-0 winner.


 The second between Dean Galbally and Darren Baines with Dean winning out 3-1


The final between Dean and Zak was truly like watching television the

standard of play between them, as expected, was that high.


The form Zak was in it seemed likely there would only be one winner but

 Dean had other ideas and stepped up his game with fantastic display of

 snooker to come out the 3-2  winner.


All of the trophies were silver plated and provided by CSF Building contractors Limited, the main sponsor of this event. A company owned by Colin & James Baylis. The main trophy with winners names engraved, will be held / displayed at  Rayleigh Lanes Snooker club. A small replica trophy will be kept by the winner.


Listening to the comments of a lot of players it seemed very clear nearly all

enjoyed the competition. Thank you all for attending this first annual competition

held in memory of our great friend Vic Harris.


We  look forward to Dean trying to retain this special trophy next year, so please

all lets see if we can put a stop to that, and attend in greater numbers next year.


Many thanks to you all, Colin & James.



Competition Trophies


Rayleigh Lanes Snooker Hall




Snooker Table