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Saturday 30th March 2019
Rayleigh Lanes Snooker Club

A great event organised by James and Colin Baylis in honour of the great man, Vic. Many thanks to both and also to everyone who turned out on the day to support this.

Congratulations to Zak Surety who ran out victor on the day, beating Ryan Causton 3-1 in the final.
We've detailed below some of the highlights of the day......

2nd round

Zak Surety vs Chris Thatcher

Match was 1-1 & they started the 3rd frame & within a blink of an eye Zak had won the match 3-1 winning frame 3 with a break of 102 & the 4th frame 110!


2nd round

Ricky Norris vs John Parkin

Both players were going pound to pound with this one, Ricky having a 74 & John 59 & the eventual winner 3-2.


2nd round

Darren Baines vs Tom Smeeton

This quarter of the draw was without doubt the best half to be in of which Tom took this by the scruff of the neck winning 3-0 including a break of 88 in the first frame!


2nd round

James Baylis vs John Golding

Tough match this with both players called out at the end of the draw, both players been in the league for a long time now so pretty sure on paper 3-2 was on the cards & indeed there was no surprise with that result with John winning 3-2 on the colours.


3rd round

Zak Surety vs Thomas Wright

Zak won this race so fast it took longer to find him a table cause everyone else was still in the previous round playing, he managed to have 99, 88 & 74 breaks 3-0 win.


3rd round

John Parkin vs Dean Galbally

Current champ getting a tough draw in this round & looked to be off to a great start with a break of 64 only for Dean to pinch the frame on the black, again on paper you would say 3-2 either way & the quality didn’t disappoint & that is what the result was with Dean winning 3-2.


Quarter Finals

Ryan Causton vs Dave Rapp

Ryan was in the bottom of the half draw which looked ok until the later stages where he bumped into Dave Rapp which I thought was going to be a tough call but within a flash Ryan won 3-0.


Quarter Finals

Zak Surety vs Dean Galbally

Another tasty match & getting down to the deep end of the competition (didn’t see much of this match) but from what I heard Zak played very well & won 3-1 winner


Quarter Finals

Peter Dixon vs Tom Smeeton

Now this game caused a few eye brows regarding a Mr Dixon having got this far, from what I saw of his matches he was playing very well knocking in 30 breaks along the way so I was interested to see how Tom would play giving him 14 – a lot of people questioned Peter’s handicap but in truth I think is correct of which Tom found out having won the 1st frame on the black losing the next & perhaps I started thinking myself but you cant deduct someone just because they are playing well. In the end Tom won 3-1 & into the semis.


Quarter Finals

Richard Emery vs Sean Clarke

With Ryan breezing into the semis he had to wait a long time for this match, Sean playing at a high standard throughout the day (again some people questioning his handicap +14) raced into a 2-0 lead pinching a couple of frames from a Mr Emery that at the start of the tournament looked to be going out early doors but managed to pick up some form to get to this stage & again was behind early on. 3rd frame Sean had chances to wrap this up but somehow missed a couple of crucial balls which Richard a class player he is wasn’t going to let this one get away this time & the match was 2-1. The match now went into a long marathon & everything slowed down of which Richard won the 4th frame taking us into a decided by now Ryan was asleep!!! The decided was tight but Richard won this & moved into the semis.


Semi Finals

Zak Surety vs Tom Smeeton

This match looked a tasty one & still after all this time Zak was firing at a very high standard (class player), raced into a 2-0 lead with Tom not really doing much wrong (was a good spectator if anything), looked to be going 3-0 but Tom had other ideas & produced a couple of breaks & all of a sudden was 2-1 Zak. I think that woke Zak up & again Tom not doing much wrong Zak won the 4th frame & into the final for the 3rd year running – could he make it a hat-trick of runner up trophies or would be go for the big one!?!


Semi Finals

Ryan Causton vs Richard Emery

After a long slog I got this match on right away of which Richard continuing his winning frame streak & went into a 1-0 lead, this woke Ryan up I think & the highest break of the day came next with a 122 clearance (1-1), he then won the next frame & finished off with a 83 break to win 3-1 & into the final.



Zak Surety vs Ryan Causton

What a final, 2 great players, close friends & only around 1am at this stage!!!!

Not sure on the breaks for this match as think everyone bar a couple was asleep but Zak lost the first frame I think & I thought here we go again for ak another runner up prize but he knuckled down & produced what he had been doing all day with rattling off 3 frames for us to finish at 3am & Zak winning what he came for on the day that being the Vic Harris Memorial Trophy.


Well done to everyone attending, I’m sure Vic would be proud.

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