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VHSL Season  2021/22

Urgent Notice - VHSL Dress Code

It has been brought to the committees
 attentionthat there seems to have
 been some lapses in the dress
code for league matches recently

The dress code is as listed below :

"Dress code for all VHSL matches,
 including singles and doubles competitions
 is VHSL shirt, trousers and shoes.

 It is the team captain's responsibility to
ensure all players are correctly dressed.
Players incorrectly dressed  should
 be refused participation by the
oppossing captain"

Please note that jeans and trainers are not
permitted to be worn.

Please also note that if anyone turning
up to play a match in jeans
 and/or trainers is allowed to play
 by the opposing captain then any
frames won will not be
 added to the league tables.

VHSL Team K/O Cup 1st Round Draw

The VHSL Team Knockout Cup 1st round
draw now available under League Competitions link

VHSL Singles & Doubles

First round draws now available on
competition website pages

VIC Harris Memorial Competition 2021

Click here for competition details

VHSL Match Reports

We're looking for some match reports to be compiled this season from the teams competing. It would be great to have a report from each of the games played every Monday and considering there's 6 players per team,  we're hoping that one of you per team will be able to compile some words about the game.

All match report received will be uploaded to the Match Reports page of the website.

Please email any reports directly to Gerry Barclay at


Tee shirts
VHSL League Tee Shirts

All VHSL competing players are expected to conform to
the official VHSL dress code during the 2021/22 season.

- VHSL Tee Shirt, Trousers (no jeans) & Shoes -

If VHSL Tee shirts are required they can be obtained from VHSL Chairman

Glen Sullivan-Bissett

Tel: 07714 428731

The Tee shirts will cost 15 each

Website Result Updates

All captains are required to ensure the Monday night match results are sent through to Gerry Barclay before mid-day Wednesday. The results can be sent trough via text, whatsap, e-mail, facebook messenger or via the website results form. A confirmation reply will be sent when the match results have been successfully received.

Please ensure the results sent include the individial match scores and ALL qualifying high-breaks made (breaks of 35 or more in Division 1, 30 or more in Division 2) for BOTH teams playing.


 The results can be sent as plain text, or as a picture of a completed results sheet.

The sooner all of the results are received, the faster the website can be updated. Ideally the results would be sent through on Monday night after each match but as per the rules must be submitted BEFORE mid-day on the Wednesday.



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